Patricio Lepe Carrión

Radical Philosophy 165


The Global Capital Leviathan
William I. Robinson
David Cameron’s Tea Party
Richard Seymour
Alternatives to Austerity: The Need for a Public Utility 
Finance System
Robin Blackburn
Peter Osborne
Structure: Method or Subversion of the Social Sciences?
Étienne Balibar
Sex: A Transdisciplinary Concept
Stella Sandford
Science: The Invisible Transdisciplinarity of French Culture
Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond
Andrew Barry
Rob Chapman, Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head; Julian Palacios, Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd: Dark Globe; Michele Mari, Rosso Floyd
Howard Caygill
Martin Heidegger, The Phenomenology of Religious Life
Andrew McGettigan
Bruce C. Clarke and Mark B.N. Hansen, eds, Emergence and Embodiment: 
New Essays in Second-Order Systems Theory; Andrew Pickering, The Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future
Jon Goodbun
Richard Menary, ed., The Extended Mind
Benjamin James Lozano
Tim Morton, The Ecological Thought
Kate Soper
Hervé Juvin, The Coming of the Body
Nina Power
Thomas Müntzer, Sermon to the Princes
Nathan Coombs
Recent Highlights
Structure: Method or subversion of the social sciences?
Étienne Balibar

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